Maid-Fong was made using platinum silicone. She has a foam core embedded with bendable skeleton. Her movement is like a real human. She has various softness of silicone on different part of her body that makes her more realistic.

Maid-Fong's head is made by soft silicone with a flexible foam core inside. It has a 5" deep by 1/2" diameter cavity. There is a 1" adapter with a strong Neodymium (NdFeB) magnet attached at its end to connect with the body. The foam core is to reduce weight and as a support for the head and the connector. Oral cavity was inside the foam core. The silicone density of her head varies in between the Smooth-on Platinum silicone Ecoflex 0020 and 0010, The oral cavity is softer than the rest of the head. It goes about 45 degree up to the back of the head. It can go deeper if needed. Her lips are super soft much like human's lips and it is designed for kissing. She has soft silicone teeth. Her ears are a bit harder so she can wear ear rings. She has about four different softness on her head alone.

Her make-up is permanent and was painted by silicone. Eyelashes are sewn and glued so they won't come off easily. Round acrylic eyes can be rotated. The weight of the head is about 4.5 lbs. With the strong magnets her head can hold very steady and it is easy to change heads. The pull force of this magnet is 20.5 lbs.




Maid-Fong's skeleton was made by PVC pipes and heavy gauge steel. All joints are semi-stiff and will not hold any pose. Personally I like this design, It is not stiff like a corpse nor floppy like a puppet. You can still make some poses with careful positioning the doll. Joints are carefully designed for durability and flexibility. Both arms can be raised over head and bend like human being. Her waist can be bent and rotated in all directions due to the specially designed ball joints. Her neck can turn left or right. There is a removable eye bolt at her back and is supported by a re-enforced base for hanging. A video in our gallery demonstrates her body movement and flexibility. There are also different locking designs on the foam core to prevent delamination from the silicone.

Vaginal cavity was embedded inside the pelvic using super soft silicone. The pelvic is also made with soft foam and pipes. Two strong ball joints were used to connect with the legs. These joints can turn in all directions. The doll can sit, cross legs. The legs can spread wide open. There are also joints on ankles and can be bent forward and backward. All ball joints are carefully designed and cast. I don't use any existing ball joints available in the market because they don't really do what I want. Finger wires were coated to prevent oxidation and the tips were also coated with soft thick protection to prevent finger poke. The above requirements are my basic guide line for my skeleton. Unfortunately this skeleton already weighs about 11 lbs.

The final version skeleton has been tested more than a year and hanged inside the silicone body without any problem. Now I have a very reliable skeleton for Maid-Fong.


Maid-Fong was made by platinum silicone. She has different softness of silicone on her body. Her hands and feet are firmer than the other parts of the body to protect fingers poke and easy damage on the feet. Special formulated silicone makes the breast and butt super soft and jiggle like the real thing, also provides a large elongation range so you can raise her arms overhead or spread the legs wide open.

The breast was made by 3 layers of silicone in different softness to achieve the super real effect. The first layer is for protection. It is very stretchy and prevents sagging. The second layer is softer than the first layer and it holds the shape, the third layer is super soft and it creates the bouncing effect. It also has a pair of harden nipple. Overall I'm happy with the result. This technique is also applied to the butt and it is just a little bit firmer than the breast. The whole body is soft to touch and durable.

The vagina cavity is about 7" deep and lined with dots and spiral pattern. The labia was made by very soft silicone. The vagina cavity is about 1/2" in diameter. It will create suction during the play. The vagina cavity can be widen by adjusting the angle of the legs to heighten sensations and accommodate different sizes of penis. The anal cavity is about 7" deep with a different spiral patterns using slightly firmer silicone to create a different sensation. The cavity is about 3/4" in diameter.

The whole body of the doll is constructed in seven different softness of silicone. With the flexible skeleton you can experiment a lot of sex positions. You can even explore more possibility to achieve more fun and excitement.


Shipping is an issue for dolls' delivery. Rough handling is a big concern. You have to prevent the damage. After some drop test and beat up the box, I have decided to use the double wall cardboard with telescopic design, 2"x2" wood spruce lumber to made a sturdy frame. A high density soft foam follows the contour of the doll's bottom to create a tight fit on this area. This will secure the doll and hold it in place. Some air bags to fill in gaps and at the same time secure the legs from moving. No hardware (eg. eye bolt ) connects the body to the frame. Outside force will not be transferred to the skeleton to cause internal damage. This will avoid hidden problems in the future. To make this box is costly and time consuming but it serves the purpose with good results. The box dimension is 60"x20"x12".

Sport bra and panty hose will be put on the doll during transportation. The sport bra is to secure the breasts from over bouncing. Panty hose is to protect the doll while removing from the box. The head and wig are packed separately in another smaller box and placed between the feet. For the long rough journey during transportation I recommend adding the insurance for your doll just in case.

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