Read the instructions contained in this manual carefully before beginning your relationship with Maid-Fong.

   Congratulations on your purchase of Maid-Fong. This Manual is an important part of your relationship with Maid-Fong. She deserves the best possible care and attention. This manual will help to ensure that Maid-Fong delivers the highest performance levels for many years to come. Please read the manual carefully. You deserve the very best. Maid-Fong is the best. Treat her as such.

Table of Contents:

1------The Spirits of Maid-Fong
2------Vital Statistics
3------Operating and Handling Instructions
4------Cleaning Instructions
5------Storage and Shipping Instructions
6------Safety Instructions

Manual for Maid-Fong

Section 1: The Spirits of Maid-Fong

   Maid-Fong is a life size silicone doll. She has the look of a real person. Her creator has handcrafted Maid-Fong. She has been imbued with a love of all living beings by her creator. Maid-Fong has been fashioned by hand with extreme devotion and care, has seemingly taken on human attributes such as loyalty, tenderness and devotion. Her shared Karma with all that are loving and beautiful adds to her incredible sexual powers.

   Maid-Fong has many spirits. She can be a Princess from a far away land, long, long ago. She can be a Space Traveler bringing sexual knowledge from another galaxy, light years away. She can be a School Girl with all the purity and innocence of a virgin, who must be taught the carnal ways of the world. She can be a Submissive Lovely who relishes being bound, shackled and abused. She can be a High Society Lady who is cultured, poised and elegant. Accustomed to a life of luxury, she secretly longs to be a dirty slut. She can be a Tramp who lives in the gutter and loves raunchy, dirty sex. She can be the French Maid and be at your beck and call for anything your heart desires. Maid-Fong is your maid and she can be anything that you want her to be. Her spirit is willing and she will love your imagination to take hold. Her sexual powers are magnified by your desires.

Section 2: Vital Statistics

Maid-Fong's vital statistics are perfect, as follows:
Height: 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 82 pounds
Bust: 36 inches
Cup Size: DD Cup
Waist: 25 inches
Hips: 38 inches
Complexion: Fair
Hair: Depending on Her Particular Spirit
Lips: Pink
Fingers: Slender and Refined
Legs: Long and Shapely
Temperament: Erotic

Section 3: Operating Instructions

   Maid-Fong is fashioned with joints that can flex and rotate like the joints in the human body. Her body is much like a real person's body. Forcing joints to assume unnatural, inhuman positions will cause damage. The skin is made from silicone which will give the feel of softness.

   Because all kind of materials has it's limitation, tears and cuts will happen if mistreated. Please take heed of the following Warnings:
  • Removing the head has to be done properly. While using one hand to support and slightly push in upward direction the back of the doll's head, use the other hand to pop the chin upward to separate the head from the neck. Never pull the head out by just grapping the head.
  • Physical abuse will cause rupturing of the doll's silicone skin. Silicone is a durable material, but will also cut and tear.
  • Never drag or pull the doll across a surface.
  • Use a water-based lubricant before sex. Dry penetration may result in the rubbing off the silicone.
  • Never use excessive force with fingers when holding the body. Indentations will be made in the body.
  • Don't use your fingers to grab hard into the breasts, as this will cause indentations. Use your palm.
  • Colored fabric may discolor the doll's skin. Wash the clothing before putting on the doll.
  • Avoid sharp edges
  • Never rub the face of the doll because the makeup will be removed.
  • Treat your doll gently and with respect.
  • If you take good care of Maid-Fong she can be with you for a long time.

Maid-Fong's elbow and ankles are bendable. Here is her range of movement:
Arms - can be raised up to around 135 degrees forward and sideway.
Legs - can be spread wide about 50 degrees.
Knees and elbows - can be bent 90 degrees.
Waist - can be rotated all around at about 45 degrees.
Ankles - can be tilted.
Head - can be turned left and right.

Section 4: Cleaning Instructions

   It is imperative to keep Maid-Fong clean. Always give your doll a thorough cleaning after use. Maid-Fong is made from silicone which will remain soft and pliant if cared for properly. Do not use harsh cleaners or solvents. Do not scrub or scour. Do not use abrasives. Always use soap and water with a soft cloth when cleaning. For vaginal and anal cavities, you can use our optional pussy purifier for easy cleaning.

Follow these cleaning instructions carefully:
  1. Clean all parts with warm water and liquid soap.
  2. Pat (do not rub) the doll dry with a soft towel. Use a hair dryer if you wish.
  3. Give the doll a “powder bath” with baby powder with a soft powder puff.

Section 5: Storage and Shipping Instructions

   The best short term storage and resting position for Maid-Fong is in the lying position, on her back, in bed with some support under her waist. In this position the stress will be taken off her butt. If storage is for an extended period i.e. weeks and months, store Maid-Fong in a lying position in her original shipping box at room temperature. Always store your doll in a cool, dry environment.

   The best way to ship Maid-Fong is in her original shipping box. Be sure that the box cover is securely fastened.

Section 6: Safety Instructions

   Maid-Fong is designed for your pleasure. Use her responsibly. Your primary focus is personal safety. Do not use this product in such a way as to jeopardize your safety or the safety of others. Keep her clean, lubricated and sanitized. Avoid sharing her with others.

Tips : Maid-Fong is a delicate doll, handle her with extra care. No dragging or you will damage the doll. Before moving her, always put pantyhose and gloves/mittens on her first.

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